Inexpensive Recording Equipment-A Useful Resource


There are many reasons why recording should be a part of learning music. It provides instant self-feedback.

1. Practice

2. Record

3. Listen-if is no good go back to step 1

Any method book you buy will probably have chords written along with the melodic exercises. They often suggest taping yourself playing the chords, then you have something to play the exercises to.

Music and creativity go hand in hand. Record yourself improvising, take the good ideas and make songs. Record those songs, edit weak parts.

Recording equipment options are many. Here are a few, from free to a few hundred bucks.

1. If you have a phone, it probably records audio. Get a fair sizes card to put in it so memory is not an issue.

2. If you have a laptop you can download Audacity for free. If your computer has no mic you can get one from any office supply place for $10.

3. Hand held digital recorders-these can be really cheap or really expensive

4. Audio interface for computer. Good ones start around $100 and often come with free software.

5. Free standing digital recorders. I have acquired a few from Zoom. The latest being a used 12-track for $150. My main recording rig is a Mac with Motu interface but I love to have the Zoom's laying around the house like digital notepads. I can plug right into it and go to town when inspiration strikes.