Right Practice-Learning to Learn the Guitar


Hello and welcome to my blog. I will make regular posts here with information on various aspects of learning the guitar, as a medium to study the art of music. I have studied music for quite some time and still do.

The first important point I want cover is the concept of "learning how to learn". So now along with learning to play guitar, and to make music, we need to learn how to learn. All three aspects affect each other. Learning the guitar involves proficiency in a number of skills before one can begin to play music "musically".

The basic skill-set includes but is not limited to: properly holding the guitar, tuning the guitar, stringing the guitar, and proper fingering(avoiding buzzes and dead strings) of chords and scales. Working on open position chords can actually help with the basic skill-sets. Taking notes on your progress is the first step to learning how to learn.

1. look for a qualified source of knowledge(teacher/book etc)

2. make a thorough effort to understand their way of teaching and material given

3. begin to work the material, with a complete effort, then decide if it makes sense or not.

4. write down your thoughts on what you practiced, if it helped, and what other aspects of music if any has it made you aware of, or have questions about.

Repeat this process for the rest of your life with the goal of practicing right.